2017 Weddings: New Trends for a New Year

It’s a new year and that means it’s time for some fresh wedding ideas! If you’re planning a 2017 wedding, give these trends a try.

Removable Skirt Wedding Dresses
2017’s brides are looking for wedding dresses with double the impact.  Convertible wedding dresses allow one look for the ceremony and one for the reception.  Walk down the aisle in a princess ballgown and dance the night away in a stunning sheath dress!

Image accessed from greenweddingshoes.com

Tech Savvy Ceremonies & Receptions
From custom Snapchat filters to live streaming ceremonies, 2017’s brides and grooms are upping their tech game. Incorporating technology is a fun way to put a personal touch on this special day.

Image accessed from geotagfilters.com

Charity Registries
Brides and grooms are looking for ways to use their big day to give back. Charity registries are one of the ways they’re accomplishing this. Websites like JustGive.org allow users to conveniently set up a registry for their favorite charity. This is a great alternative to traditional registries!

Image accessed from brit.co

Plated Dinners
The last few years have shown a rise in casual reception dinners. However, 2017 is doing away with buffets, food stations and food trucks and returning to more elegant plated dinners. The look is timeless and is a way to treat your guests with class.

Image accessed from lilawilsonweddings.com

What 2017 wedding trend will you try?