5 Wedding Favors to Fall in Love With


A fall wedding is the perfect time to gift your guests some of your fall favorites. The fall-inspired favors below are creative, simple and will take your autumn wedding to the next level!

  1. Pumpkin Spice Soap
    There’s nothing more “fall” than the smell of pumpkin spice.  Click here for instructions on how to make these simple soaps in just 10 minutes.
    Image accessed from: Bon Bon Break
  2. Flavored Apple Cider Mix
    This cranberry apple cider mix combines not one, but TWO fall flavors! This simple mix is easy to make ahead of time and the packaging is adorable.
    Image accessed from: Bloom Designs
  3. Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
    Make these delicious treats sweet or savory!  For instructions on how to make your own, click here.
    Image accessed from: Evermine Occasions
  4. Cozy Blankets
    These blanket favors are perfect for chilly, outdoor fall weddings and your guests will use them for years to come.
    Image accessed from: Ruffled
  5. Soy Candles
    Send your guests home with personalized soy candles like these from lulusugar. Choose a chilly weather scent like “Enchanted Forest” or “Eucalyptis + Spearmint.”
    Image accessed from: lulusugar

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