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Exciting things are happening at RSVP Event Rentals. Our showroom has moved to 4600 Towson Ave Suite 20 (main strip center at Phoenix Village Square) while our warehouse will remain at its current location in Suite 314.  We will continue to offer our clients the same quality service, just from a new location. Come check out the new showroom today!

Honeymoon Destinations that Won’t Break the Bank

3 honeymoon destinations

You’re looking forward to the wedding day, but if you’re honest, you’re looking forward to the honeymoon just as much.  However, you’re not looking forward to the honeymoon price tag.  Listed below are three honeymoon destinations you and your spouse will love that won’t break the bank!

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Valentin Imperial Maya

This 5-star, all-inclusive resort is the perfect place to get away after the big day.  With eight different room options, ranging from the Deluxe Junior Suite to the plush Imperial Suite, there’s something for every budget.  The resort boasts seven different restaurants including Japanese, Italian, French, and Mexican options.  There is also plenty to keep you entertained whether it’s lounging on the beach, treating yourself at the spa, enjoying nightly shows and events or going on an afternoon snorkeling excursion.  This honeymoon destination is a great option for couples who want the royal treatment on a budget.



Charleston, South Carolina

This southern city possesses a certain romantic charm that makes it a great option for couples looking to stay stateside.  Enjoy your stay at The Vendue, one of Charleston’s hottest hotels located in the downtown French Quarter District.  This boutique hotel is an experience in itself.  Enjoy upscale dining, book a private tour to explore the hotel’s art space, visit the artist in residence or take advantage of the complimentary bicycles to tour the city with your sweetheart.  A stay at The Vendue will also put you in the perfect location to experience everything else the city has to offer -downtown culinary tours, romantic carriage rides, historical tours and more!



Nathrop, Colorado

Steal away to a mountain resort like the Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort in Nanthrop, Colorado.  Stay in a cozy cabin or at the beautiful main lodge.  Lounge around the resort’s many pools and hot springs, relax at the day at the spa or take a yoga class.  If you’re craving adventure, participate in a wide range of outdoor activities including mountain biking, skiing, hiking,  kayaking, zip line tours and more!  This is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples who are looking for equal parts relaxation and adventure.  A couple can stay at the resort for five days for as low a rate as $500.












Wherever you end up going for your honeymoon, enjoy this time to relax and spend time with your spouse.  It’s not about how much you spend, it’s about who you’re with.  Happy travels!

Key Questions to Ask Your Rental Vendor

Key Questions

When planning an event, chances are you’ll end up renting something. Linens, stemware, tables, chairs -no matter what you’re renting, there are important questions to ask your vendor.  These questions will help you determine the right vendor to work with and put your mind at ease.

Does everything match?
When renting more than one of the same item, it is important everything matches.  Some vendors focus more on quantity than quality, resulting in mismatched plates, napkins, stemware, linens, etc.  Attention to detail matters.  Asking your vendor if the items they rent out match is a great starting place to determine whether this is a vendor you want to work with.  

Do you provide design and planning assistance?
Beyond the rental process, you need a professional who can assist you with your event’s overall planning and design.  For example, the professionals at RSVP Event Rentals offer free site assessments and layout design.  Not only does this help you execute your design plans, it ensures your vendor has enough understanding of your vision to suggest the right products to meet your needs.

Do you charge for delivery?
Delivery services are common and convenient among rental vendors.  However, you don’t want to get hit with an unexpected fee.  From the start, be aware of whether or not delivery is included in your overall rental bill.

Do you have set-up or take-down services?
Depending on the nature of your rental, set-up or take-down services can be extremely helpful.  They are particularly helpful when renting large or technical items.  Most vendors charge extra for these services, but this is definitely something to consider budgeting for.  Not only does it make less work for you, it removes your liability for damages that could occur during this time.

Do you have referrals for other vendors?
Due to the nature of their business, rental vendors can be a wealth of information when it comes to referring other vendors.  Whether you’re looking for a caterer, florist or DJ, your rental vendor should be able to point you in the right direction.


Whatever your questions may be, the professional rental coordinators at RSVP Event Rentals are prepared to answer!  Come in today to talk to one of our staff.

5 Ways a Groom Can Contribute to Wedding Planning

5 Ways a Groom Can Contribute to Wedding Planning

You’ve done the hard work of picking out the ring and proposing, but you had no idea what kind of adventure you were about to embark on:  wedding planning.  It’s a whole new world of decision making, budgeting (or budget breaking), and you have never seen this side of your soon-to-be bride (interpret that at your own risk).  Wedding planning may seem an overwhelming task and one that you have little to do with, but there are plenty of ways you can lend a hand. Listed below are five suggestions for how you can be involved in the wedding planning process.

1. Guest List
Coming up with the guest list is a task your bride can’t accomplish without you! Compile a list of your friends and family to combine with her list and help her make the tough decision of who to keep and who to leave out.  This is one of the hardest parts of wedding planning because you feel like you’re ranking your friends and family by importance -but you are.  Your budget depends on it.  The best way to keep your list from going overboard is to limit it to closest friends and family.  Then, depending on that number, you can expand from there.

2. Venue
Deciding where you will have your wedding is one of the fun parts of wedding planning.  This is your wedding too! Are there any places you think would make an especially nice reception hall or venue that would set your ceremony apart? Get creative and share your ideas with your fiancee.  You can also help by being aware of factors that can easily spike venue costs -catering fees (do they allow outside caterers?), how the venue handles booze (whether or not you have to provide your own) and what the guest parking situation is.  If you’re familiar with these factors, you can help determine the best venue option.  And if you want to go above and beyond, suggest getting an event rental coordinator like the ones at RSVP Event Rentals to help make your venue look amazing.

3. Groomsmen
This is all you.  Besides discussing the size of your wedding party beforehand so you don’t wind up with twelve groomsmen and five bridesmaids, you have total control over who stands beside you on the biggest day of your life.

4. Registry
Who doesn’t like making a list of things you want people to buy for you?  This is exactly what you get to do when you register.  Plus, you get to use a cool, scanner gun while you’re doing it.  She’ll probably register for nice, practical things -china, bedding, towels, etc.  This is your opportunity to register for fun things -a cool set of beer glasses, a popcorn maker, boardgames.

5. Honeymoon
Tropical island oasis, romantic Smoky Mountain cabin, cool coastal cruise?  What will it be?  Book a honeymoon the two of you will love.  This is one less thing she has to plan, and something you both can look forward to on the days where wedding stress is at an all-time high.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but there are plenty of things you can do as a groom to be involved in the process.  What is something you would add to the list?

The Hottest 2016 Wedding Trends

The Hottest Wedding Trends


When it comes to wedding trends, 2016 will not disappoint.  From bohemian bridal looks to warm neutral palettes and nontraditional bridesmaid outfits, 2016’s brides and grooms are looking for creative ways to break from tradition and express themselves.  Below are a few of our favorite 2016 wedding trends.

Boho Brides

Think crochet lace, flower crowns, and gorgeously tousled hair.  2016 is the year of the bohemian bride!  This laid back look prioritizes comfort without sacrificing elegance.

Photos via:,,

Farm-to-Table Catering

Brides and grooms are becoming increasingly conscious about their catering.  They’re looking for fresh and locally sourced food to serve their guests, with an emphasis on organic and seasonal-only ingredients.

Photos via:,,

Non-Traditional Bridesmaid Attire

Brides are breaking from tradition by choosing bridesmaid separates over traditional dresses.  The look is fun and creative -not to mention, functional!  Whether it’s a flowing maxi skirt, flirty tulle skirt or brightly colored romper, this bridesmaid alternative is something everyone will love.  Besides, it’s a look your bridesmaids might actually wear again.

Photos via:,,

Brunch Weddings

You had me at brunch.  This mid-morning wedding trend is lighthearted and relaxing.  The most exciting part might be the endless dining and dessert options it offers.  Think coffee bars, waffle stations, bacon, doughnut wedding cakes, bacon…and did I mention bacon?

Photos via:,,

No-Fuss Beauty

Brides everywhere rejoice! This could be the best 2016 wedding trend yet.  Neutral makeup and easy hair  not only saves you from hours in a salon chair, but allows your natural beauty to shine through.  Understated beauty is truly timeless.

Photos via:,,

Woodland Neutrals

This 2016 wedding look is all about warm neutrals with subtle pops of color and natural elements -a mix of rustic elegance.  This is a not a wedding color scheme  you’ll regret down the road.  No bright colors or loud patterns here!  Our burlap runners and drapes would fit in perfectly with this theme!

Photos via:,,


What’s your favorite 2016 wedding trend?



Tacky to Classy: 3 Tips for Keeping Your Theme Wedding Timeless

tacky to classy


When a couple is wedding planning, it is important they incorporate their personalities into the overall look and feel of the day. Sometimes this manifests itself into a theme. But it is easy to get so carried away with a theme that it distracts from the wedding itself.  Here are a few tips for keeping your theme wedding classy, not tacky.

  1. Less is more.
    Communicate your theme with subtle details.  Guests will pick up on your theme without being slapped in the face with it.  Be inspired by your theme, don’t become it.
  2. Broaden your theme.
    It’s best to keep your theme as broad as possible.  This gives you more options and keeps things from going overboard.  For example, instead of planning an Alice in Wonderland specific wedding, try broadening it to something like an “enchanted forest” theme.  You can incorporate elements of what you love from the original theme, but don’t have to get lost in the details of giant mushrooms and talking cats.  If you absolutely have to have a super specific wedding theme, refer back to tip one.
  3. It’s a wedding, not a production.
    Your wedding guests are there to see you and your spouse, not your theme.  Don’t let accomplishing a certain look detract from your day.  You don’t have to feel pressure to entertain anyone or have the wedding of the century.

Below are some real examples of how to take a wedding theme from tacky to classy.

Photos accessed from &

Instead of looking for exact replicas of Lumiere for your Beauty and the Beast wedding, opt for the romantic, glass encased rose.  This look still carries your theme, but isn’t over the top.  And if you’re looking for the right linens to pull the look together, click here to view our selection of gorgeous linens appropriate for any theme.

Tacky                                                                               Classy
Photos accessed from &

We get it, you love all things Disney princess and that’s okay! However, you might regret dressing each of your bridesmaids in a different Disney princess gown in years to come.  Instead, try a dreamy tulle gown with a sweetheart neckline in a pretty pastel.  You still get the fairytale look without the  regretful wedding photos.  Plus, your bridesmaids won’t hate you.

Tacky                                                                         Classy
Photos accessed from &

A Star Wars wedding theme can be epic when done right.  Give your tables creative character names like this vintage inspired Master Yoda table card.  This look is elegant and quirky (in a good way) and will have your guests talking.

Tacky                                                          Classy
Photos accessed from &

It’s great to express your country roots on your wedding day, but this doesn’t always have to be done through hunter orange and camouflage.  Think country-chic.  Class up your cake by going for a trendy “naked cake.”  The look is rustic and carefree -perfect for a barn wedding!  To really class up your cake display, check out our inventory of dessert plateaus and stands here.


Budgeting the Big Day: 5 Tips for Staying Within Your Wedding Budget


It’s the day you’ve always dreamed of but let’s face it -you may not have your dream budget.  No worries! Here are some helpful tips that will keep you right on track creating the wedding of your dreams on any budget.


Talk it out.
Discussing money can be uncomfortable, but it’s the only way to make sure bride, groom, and both families are on the same page.  Make a wedding budget game plan for staying within your budget and discuss how costs will be split.  Taking the initiative to have this discussion from the start will save you a lot of unwanted stress and confusion in the future.


You have Pinterest board after Pinterest board of wedding ideas, but it’s time to prioritize.  What do you absolutely want for your wedding and what can you do without?  This will help you decide what you want to splurge on and what you can cut down on or cut out altogether. If catering and music for your reception are top priorities, get creative with your decor to see what you can make yourself!


Make a trade.
Trading and bartering is becoming a popular tactic of brides on a budget.  Assess what skills you have that someone else might find valuable.  Have mad photography skills? Offer to give your makeup artist or hairdresser a salon photoshoot in exchange for hair and makeup on the big day! This method doesn’t work for everyone, but can be a great way to save some money.


Hold your own with vendors.
Vendors will always try to make as much money off of you that they can -it’s their job.  It can be easy to let vendors talk you into going outside of your budget.  Don’t let this happen! Politely lead with what your budget is and ask them how they can help you get as much out of your budget as possible.


Stay focused.
The most important thing you can do to stay within your budget is to stay focused.  Remember the real reason for the day -you’re getting married! When it comes down to it, the wedding day is about you and your future spouse and the love you share, not how much you spent.

3 Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

3-tips-for-writing-your-own-wedding-vows-(4)The date is set, the dress is picked out, and the venue has been selected. The wedding planning process is moving along, but there’s one thing thing on your wedding stress list that continues to hang over your head -writing your vows. What seemed a sweet and simple gesture, has now become an overwhelming task. There are so many things you want to say, but you’re not sure how to say them. You want to be romantic, but not sappy. Meaningful, but not too serious. Writing your own vows is a special way to personalize your wedding ceremony, but it can be hard to know where to start. Below are three tips to help give you a start in the right direction.

1. Reflect on your relationship.

One of the best ways to get started with the vow writing process is to take time to examine your relationship -what made you fall in love in the first place, the highs and lows you’ve experienced together, what qualities does your fiance possess that you admire? Answering questions like these will make it easier to decide what you want to express in your vows.

2. Discuss tone, format, and style with your fiance.

One of the most awkward experiences is attending a wedding where it is obvious the couple had totally different ideas about what their wedding vows should be. One of them went for a more humorous, light-hearted approach, while the other was serious and romantic. Don’t be this couple! Come to a conclusion with your fiance what you want your vows to look like. Some couples write them together to make them consistent. Others keep them a secret until the day of the wedding. Either way, communicate.

3. Practice makes perfect.

The best way to determine whether you’re satisfied with your vows is to read them aloud. Sometimes things sound different on paper than they do outloud. Practicing your vows a few times will help you locate potential tongue-twisters and make your delivery on the big day much smoother. The wedding day is also very emotional and vowing your life and love to your future spouse in front of your wedding guests can bring on the happy tears. Practicing your vows beforehand will help you keep your emotions in check during the ceremony.

Don’t be overwhelmed by writing your wedding vows. Reflect, discuss, and practice, but most importantly, write from the heart.

Summer Party Rentals

It’s mid-July and things have been heating up outside. Some cower away from the heat, but not you. You are a backyard livin’, burger slingin’, party thrower of the summer! It is the time of year for barbeques and endless games of corn hole. It’s time for your kid’s birthday and back to school swim parties. Any time is a good time for baby showers and bachelorette parties – so let’s go decorate!

RSVP rentals aren’t just for super formal occasions. They have everything to offer. Need some tables and chairs? Check. Don’t want to use your dinnerware? RSVP rents that too. No decent serve ware? You guessed it – RSVP has you covered. They also rent dining accessories like table numbers and breadbaskets to salt and pepper shakers. If you’re doing a catering event, they have the equipment for you – roast pans, sheet pans, chafing pans, etc. If they rent those things, you know they are going to rent linens as well! If you are decorating with some pizzazz, they even offer columns and arches in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Beautifying the place with flowers? RSVP rents gorgeous floral arrangements in all kinds of variety. Hosting something a bit larger? They even rent dance floors and stages, not to mention a bar, and all of the tools and accessories that need to go along with it!

Needless to say, RSVP has you covered from hosting your 7 year old’s back to school party to your best friends wedding. Curious about specs and pricing? Check out this link:

Wedding Trends for 2015

This year is THE year. Summer is here and brides are figuring out what kind of themed wedding they will have, where they are going to do it, and how they are going to celebrate the biggest day of their lives. So what can we expect? We’ll walk you through popular color schemes, locations, dress types, engagement photography trends, and where you can purchase that dream cake of yours, right here in Arkansas.


Color schemes:

1. Royal colors are classic. Deep sophisticated colors like dark blues, dark reds, and pops of gold give the overall theme a romantic feel – if you’re going to act like a princess, you need to color coordinate like one.

navy blue wedding table - Google Search - possible option for table instead of and gold table settings and decorations I love the red flowers against the white table cloths.

2. White on white. The argument is whether this is an all time throwback, or if it is more of a modern movement. Either way, the white on white approach to a wedding is a sure all sign of purity, chicness, and class.


Photography by: IkonicaWedLuxe Magazine


If you love these ideas and are looking for the perfect place to get them, our friends at RSVP Event Rentals can provide everything from tables and chairs, accessories and columns,  floral arrangements and dance floors, linens and chandeliers, to an entire section titled, “Bling.” So get out there, explore your options, and make your wedding unforgettable!

Started planning your dream wedding today, and with RSVP’s help, you can be assured it will be a wedding to remember!




Not that there is a single thing wrong with getting married in your grandmother’s church, but the trends for 2015 are, as guessed, trying to exceed. The bigger the better, but not necessarily in numbers – more so for the location.

1. Caves. Yep, caves. Luckily for Arkansans, we have plenty relatively close to choose from. The Mystic Caverns, Cosmic Cavern, Hurricane River Cave, Bluff Dwellers Cave, Blanchard Springs Caverns, Old Spanish Treasure Cave, and War Eagle Cavern are just the top few you could look into.

Mystic CavernsBlanchard Springs

2. Pastures and open fields. This is taking the whole ‘barn wedding’ thing to another level. These weddings retain the rustic appeal, as well as add something new to the table – a very “wild west” feel. There is just something so romantic about the vastness of an open field, surrounded by nothing but the grass, shrubs, and people you love.

Photograph: JoPhoto - Aves

Dress types

The search for the perfect dress has been a struggle for brides since forever, but recently different types of alterations have been making a rather large statement.

1. Sleek and Sleeved. The long sleeves have made a huge comeback in the last couple of years, and show no sign of leaving the wedding game soon. Even bigger, puffier sleeves are making appearances more frequently on Pinterest and other ‘wedding idea’ sites lately. Our mothers who were married in the 80s cringe at this thought, but also might happily pass their hand-me-downs to you.

Lihi Hod 2015 Wedding Dresses — Film Noir in White Bridal Collection | Wedding InspirasiTemperley London Fall/Winter 2015 Wedding Dresses | Wedding Inspirasi. Wedding Dresses - illusion sleeves

2. Two piece. The two piece is the most fashion forward trend of wedding dresses so far in wedding dress history. Some argue that a chopped dress isn’t a classic dress, but according to these pictures, we humbly disagree.

Karen Willis Holmes Wild Heart CollectionLimorRosen 2015 Wedding Dresses

Engagement Photography

When most people think of engagement photographs, they imagine couples holding hands, a few cute cheek kisses, and the majority of the shots angled to showcase the new ring on the bride-to-be’s left hand. This doesn’t always have to be the case, however. This year, two newer trends have surfaced to give engagement photos a new light.

1. Pet love. People these days are giving their beloved pet’s their own instagrams, so why not include them in the most important day of your life? Everyone loves adorable critters that make any adorable scene that much more adorable.

engagement Photos by studiOsnap LLCPhoto Credit: Waller Weddings

2. Typography. A picture says a thousand words, but what if it said those thousand, plus a few more? Typography is making a huge comeback when it comes to invitations and engagement pictures. New editing software is making this hand-lettered look easy to recreate, so take advantage of it!

Jeune Amour Vintage Save the Date Personalized Invitations10 Save-the-Dates We Love From

Wedding cakes

Looking for a place to purchase your cake? Here’s a small local listing:

Fort Smith: Creative Kitchen, Confectionately Yours

Fayetteville: Rick’s Bakery, Shelby Lynn’s Cake Shoppe

Conway:Cake & Company

Want to check out other places? Try, where you can enter in your zipcode to find cake shops near you!